Vision & Mission


The overall mission of Toronto Singing Strings is to become an established and recognized brand in the field of musical education. This will be achieved by the commitment to a progressive teaching technique and making a traditional string instrument more appealing to youth. This personalized program offers teachers the opportunity to develop their own teaching philosophy and build an extensive fieldwork experience. This program offers students the freedom and comfort to work at their own pace.

Lessons are created to accommodate all styles of learning, including audible, visual and kinesthetic. Eurythmic methods are incorporated into daily lessons to teach and strengthen multitasking abilities. We welcome students with multiple exceptionalities, and those who have special and mobility needs. This method has been shown to be highly successful with such children. The curriculum is designed with a greater emphasis on student’s creative potential, rather than on the technical and theoretical fundamentals of music. The lessons will allow students with learning differences to feel included and improve their emotional health and well-being by incorporating musical therapy methods and techniques. These students will have the opportunity to perform with Toronto Singing Strings and Elite Strings members in upcoming performances.