Elite String Mentorship

The program is offered in three levels –   1. Beginner   2. Intermediate   3. Advanced 

Our advanced mentorship program Elite Strings offers a variety of performance experiences and additional leadership development for students.

Elite Strings is a mentorship program for students who are recognized as advanced Toronto Singing Strings learners. Students considered for an Elite Strings position must prepare an open audition consisting of 2 contrasting pieces from memory and must demonstrate an intermediate to advanced ability of improvisation to a recorded accompaniment/backing track of the teacher’s choice. Students who do not keep a daily account of their practice in their Accountability Journals will not be considered.


Elite Strings students help and tutor other students who need extra time and attention while studying the violin. Elite Strings members partner with less advanced students to encourage and become role models for one another. Students are required to be capable of: i) tuning a violin, ii) replacing a broken string, and iii) preparing the classroom for the lesson.


The Elite Strings repertoire is notably more demanding and challenging. Students are expected to learn and be proficient in the Toronto Singing Strings repertoire, Elite Stings repertoire, Mass repertoire, Celebrity Symphony Orchestra concert repertoire and freestyle violin improvisation.


Students are expected to maintain and represent their Elite values outside of the music room, in other classes and in public spaces. Elite Strings students are the shepherds of society.

These students are required to have a demonstrated Accountability Journal to be in Elite Strings