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Arthur Lewinowicz started violin and piano instructions from an early age. He studied music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music and attended St. Michael’s Choir School where he received his vocal training. At the prestigious Young Artists Performance Academy (YAPA), affiliated with RCM, he was a student of Eric Nowlin. 

Mr. Lewinowicz studied at both, the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto. Under Professor Jacques Israelievitch, he took viola and violin lessons, as well as piano lessons under Professor Christina Petrowska Quilico. Mr. Lewinowicz also studied choir conducting in Poland, where he also received extensive vocal training and singing instruction. As a performer, Arthur played viola and violin for the Mississauga Youth Orchestra, York University Symphony Orchestra and Brampton Camerata Chamber Orchestra. He is an active performing member of Maestro Rozbicki’s Celebrity Symphony Orchestra. This experience in performance and studies gives Mr. Lewinowicz both the qualifications to teach the program and enables him to seek out like minded musicians and educators that share his vision of how music should be experienced and taught.



It is our pleasure to invite you to join group violin lessons at our music program, Toronto Singing Strings! We are offering an educational journey for young learners to experience this innovative approach of learning music. We use modern styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, and Electronica, to name a few, as a vehicle to master all necessary components of music training. This method works especially well with youth as it provides an exciting, vibrant and dynamic teaching environment.

The TSS program is offered to students of all ages within elementary school, in preparation for the mandatory TCDSB string program that runs in grade 6, 7 and 8. Our training will ensure that each student acquires substantial knowledge in the field of playing, reading and improvising music necessary to succeed in the TCDSB string program, and beyond!